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Problems with the Ford F150 Truck

It wasn’t that long ago that Ford couldn’t produce F150 trucks fast enough. But that demand seems to have slowed, perhaps because certain issues have cropped up again and again.…
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How Your Car AC System Works

When it’s hot out, you simply press a button or two and the magic of car AC gives you a comfortable ride. But do you know how your car AC…
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Blown Head Gasket Symptoms and Test

When your head gasket is blown, you might wish that you had paid more attention to the blown head gasket symptoms and test. Our repair technicians at Dakota Ridge Auto…
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How Does an Alternator Work?

Our repair technicians at Dakota Ridge Auto in Littleton know that if you have a car, you will probably have alternator problems at some point. So it is important for…
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Check Engine Light Repair

 Check engine light repair Dakota Ridge Auto, Littleton Colorado   You’re driving down the road, you’ve got the windows down and are enjoying your favorite song on the radio without…
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