Car & Truck Computerized Alignment Service in Littleton

Dakota Ridge Auto, Littleton, Colorado, 80127

Keeping up on the alignment needs of your car or truck may seem like something you can put off. Your vehicle starts just fine, your engine is running smoothly and the shimmy that kicks in when you climb to freeway speeds is something you can ignore for a few more thousand miles.

The thing is, a computerized alignment service could not only save you from that little shimmy, but save you from replacing tires that are worn unevenly and become unsafe, or having to repair problems with your brakes, suspension, steering system and much more. Yes, bad alignment can really affect the rest of your vehicle! While we won’t get into the advanced math of alignment repair – proper camber, caster, and toe settings – Dakota Ridge Auto will get your car driving straight, sans shimmy.

At our Littleton shop, we perform countless car and truck computerized alignment services, using the very best equipment. Our DSP600WM sensor from Hunter Equipment includes 4 cameras, 4 targets, and self-centering adapters, all designed to ensure true alignment.


Whether you notice a shimmy, your car pulling to the left or right when braking, or your car veering when you let go of the steering wheel (not recommended), come in for top-notch alignment services:

wheel alignment
  • Suspension and Steering Diagnosis And Repair
  • Steering System Flush
  • Shocks and Strut Replacement
  • Coil Spring and Leaf Spring Replacement
  • Tie Rod and Steering Linkage Replacement
  • Idler Arm and Pitman Arm Replacement
  • Ball Joint Replacement
  • Ball Joint Replacement
  • Steering Gear Box Replacement and Adjustment
  • Rack and Pinion Replacement
  • Power Steering Pump and Belt Replacement
  • Control Arm Bushings and Strut Rod Bushings
  • Sway Bar Bushings and End Link Replacement
  • Suspension Collision Diagnosis And Repair

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Before a small issue becomes a big issue, choose Dakota Ridge Auto for a computerized alignment. We provide quality work at competitive prices!