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Car Fleet Service Littleton

When you are looking for a trustworthy and honest mechanic to repair and service your fleet of vehicles look no further than Dakota Ridge Auto.  We provide fleet services for…
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Automatic Transmission Problems Littleton

Transmissions take a lot of abuse over the years and after a while; they are bound to start having some problems.  Transmission repairs can be expensive, so it’s worthwhile to…
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Winterize Your Car Littleton

In Colorado, winter car care is essential to keep you vehicle protected from ice, snow and decreasing temperatures.  The cold weather presents special problems for your vehicles rubber seals and…
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Truck Battery Is Dead Littleton

A dead battery is one of the most common automotive problems.  It’s such an inconvenience to get in your car or truck only to find out that the battery is…
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Car Fan Belt Is Squeaking Littleton

The classic signs of a worn fan belt when you are driving; you notice that your vehicle seems to lose power with each passing mile.  The temperature gauge increases slightly…
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Replace CV Joint Littleton

You never want to hear clunking and popping noises when you are driving your vehicle.  Every day wear and tear is inevitable and the noises you hear are a signal…
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Check Engine Light Is On Littleton

We all rely on our vehicles to start properly and run efficiently but when something interferes with this process; your check engine light may come on.  The check engine light…
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Car Won’t Heat Up Littleton

  Nothing is more uncomfortable than being cold inside your car.  You hop in and try to warm it up but only cold air comes out of the vents.  When…
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