Consumer Interest in Automotive Technology Safety is Growing Survey Says

Consumer Interest in Automotive Technology Safety is Growing Survey Says

Car safetyAs technology advancements continue, consumer interest in automotive technology safety is growing, according to a survey in the 2016 Nielson AutoTECHCAST report. Dakota Ridge Automotive in Littleton agrees safety has become an important consideration in automotive buying.

People are most interested in the safety features of rear camera mirrors, low-speed collision avoidance systems, and blind-spot detection and prevention systems, in that order.

Blind-spot detection and prevention systems were mentioned as deciding factors when buying a vehicle. So much so, that 73 percent of those surveyed reported they were “very to extremely likely” to buy a car with blind-spot detection and prevention than one without.

The report , released this month, shows that American consumer interest focuses on automotive technology that deals with safety, connectivity, comfort and convenience, driver assistance, and fuel efficiency. (

The website reports the Vice President of Nielsen Automotive Mike VanNieuwkuyk said, “Consumers are becoming more interested in advanced automotive technologies than ever before and are increasingly factoring these technologies into their purchasing decisions. Manufacturers need to continue to educate auto shoppers about the technologies that appeal to their personal interests and desires in order to distinguish their products from competitive options and build stronger brand loyalty with these tech-savvy consumers.” (

A total of 11,886 U.S. consumers completed the survey. Data was collected between March 22 and April 27, 2016. The Nielsen survey also reported that millennials are  the most interested in car technologies than any other generation.

According to the same survey, 53 percent of consumers strongly to somewhat agree that auto manufacturers are doing what they should to keep vehicles safe from too many distractions. (

The website also reports the Nielsen survey showed a rise in the importance of corporate reputation.

“Consumers are becoming much more interested in the reputation of the company they purchase their vehicle from. More than half of the respondents we spoke to indicated that car manufacturers are making good choices when it comes to safety, which really bodes well for industry reputations in general,” Mike VanNieuwkuyk said. (

Dakota Ridge Automotive in Littleton says the responses to the 2016 Nielson AutoTECHCAST report confirms what customers tell them, that technology advancements in safety continue to be a growing priority in their choice of vehicles.

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