Carmax Auto Repair Warranty

CarMax Auto Repair Warranty


Dakota Ridge Auto is the place to go for CarMax Warranty auto repair in Littleton Colorado. The CarMax warranty, which is also known as the MaxCare Service Plan, is an option CarMax offers to people who make a vehicle purchase utilizing its proprietary services. They sell this program as one that delivers a level of service “beyond the limited warranty” and offer their extended service plan at an affordable price that can be paid as a payment up front or it can be paid over time as part of the monthly payment. They allow their warranty holders to get service at a service center of your choice and we’d like you to consider using Dakota Ridge Auto when you need service under your CarMax warranty program.

Dakota Ridge Auto is a full-service auto repair facility and we work on all types of vehicles and trucks, all makes and models.  We offer a complete battery of diagnostic testing for every vehicle and service all types of repairs including but not limited to:

Engine Repairs
Vehicle Alignments
Cooling System
Heating & AC Repair
Electrical System

The CarMax Warranty offers nationwide protection so that you’re covered anywhere, rental reimbursement, emergency roadside assistance, and even direct payment so they can pay your chosen service center directly. At Dakota Ridge Auto, we’re happy to do CarMax Warranty auto repair for Littleton residents.  We’ll assist you in navigating the provisions of your warranty and we’ll even be happy to help you navigate paperwork and calling your carrier so you can relax and let us help you maximize your benefits within the program.

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