ASE Certified techs

Diesel Maintenance at Dakota Ridge Auto

A lot of people are excited about the new diesel engines that are becoming available in passenger cars and SUV’s and they’re curious about the preventive maintenance requirements.  People may…
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Brakes making a noise

Anti-lock Brakes

We rely on our brakes to safely slow and stop our vehicles. You’ve probably had the experience where you’ve slammed on your brakes and started to skid. When your wheels…
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winter driving

Windshield Wipers

Today at Dakota Ridge Auto we’re going to talk about windshield wiper blades. Now that may seem like a pretty mundane topic but think about how important your vision is:…
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car won't start

5 Reasons To Keep Your Car Well-Maintained

Thanks for visiting the Dakota Ridge Auto, auto care blog. Today’s post lists 5 important reasons Littleton drivers should follow recommended maintenance schedules. Be Safe A well-maintained car doesn’t put…
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new brakes

Do You Know About Disc Brakes

Racing legend Richard Petty once said, “If you’ve got good brakes you can stay out of a lot of trouble.” If you’re hearing unusual sounds when you brake or if…
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oil change

Dakota Ridge Auto Advice on Synthetic Oil

Heard of synthetic motor oil but would like to learn more information?  Well, synthetic motor oil is a substitute for conventional oil. Synthetic doesn’t gel or gum-up like conventional oil…
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automatic transmission repair


Let’s talk about your transmission. Transmissions are heavy duty pieces of equipment that are designed to last a long time for most Littleton drivers. But like any other machine, they’ll…
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Best car repair in Denver

Spark Plugs

The days when you changed your spark plugs every couple of years has ended.  Back in the day, spark plugs really did wear out that often.  A couple of things…
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