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You’re late for an important meeting and your vehicle won’t start. It begins to rain and your car window won’t go up. You are headed up a dark mountain road and your headlights dim. A failure of your vehicle’s electrical system can be frustrating and many times dangerous.

Even your safety air bag and ABS brakes depend on your car’s electrical system. Dakota Ridge Auto’s trained technicians can do an electrical system check to find out what the problem is and fix your batteries, starters, and alternators, so you can stay safe and won’t be inconvenienced.

Your vehicle’s electrical system is more complicated today. The batteries, starters and alternators all work together to make the engine start and run. They are all important and should be checked regularly.

The number one reason an engine won’t start is a dead battery.

If your battery is over three years old, bring your car or truck to Dakota Ride Auto and we can check it for you. The last thing you want is to be stuck somewhere with a vehicle that won’t start from something you could have easily fixed.

Also bring your car in if you notice it takes longer than normal to start, there is low battery fluid, or the battery case is swelling or leaking.

While the battery supplies the power to start your vehicle, the starter is really what gets the engine going. We can check the starter to see if it is drawing the proper amount of current. You could have a worn starter or corroded cables or connections. But our technicians can figure it out and get it working again.

The alternator recharges the battery. Sometimes if your car sits for a long time, if you only take short trips, or if your car is exposed to extreme temperatures, your battery won’t have time to recharge.

The alternator not only provides electrical power for the ignition system, but also for important things like the air conditioner, heater, cell phone chargers, lights, radio, and all electrical components when the engine is running.

If the batteries, starters, or alternators are not working properly, your car won’t start or run the way it should. At Dakota Ridge Auto our expert technicians can perform an electrical system check and find out what the problem is  and fix it. Sometimes it’s just a matter of replacing a few fuses or a battery. Bring your car or truck in now, before you’re left stranded and you have a bigger problem.

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If your lights dim, your battery tends to die, or your engine loses power we can do an electrical system check to see if your alternator is running properly.