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Beyond Saving on Gas & Saving the Planet

Whether you’re thinking about buying a hybrid vehicle or already drive one, there’s a lot more to know about these vehicles than fuel efficiency. There are even a few pros and cons to consider before ditching your gas-powered vehicle. Already made the leap? Don’t let these challenges keep you up at night. Just bring your hybrid to Dakota Ridge Auto in Littleton for information and superior service.

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The Pros & Cons of a Hybrid Vehicle


  • They’re efficient in traffic jams. While driving from Littleton to Denver for work means dealing with frustrating traffic, a hybrid spares you the frustration of spending more money on gas.
  • Hybrid vehicles hold their value due to high demand. So, if you have one, it won’t depreciate as quickly as others. That will make selling it or trading it for a new model a far better deal for you.
  • You can drive solo in HOV lanes. A few years back, Colorado made it legal for hybrid and electric vehicle drivers to use the carpool lanes even without passengers. Permit needed, so read here.
  • It may qualify for discounts and incentives. Everyone supports green efforts, so talk to your tax professional and insurance agent about opportunities for tax credits, coverage discounts, etc.


  • It’s tough to find hybrid vehicle repair. A more advanced engine and components mean you can’t just go to any auto shop. At Dakota Ridge Auto, we’re hybrid trained and ready to help.
  • Hybrid cars are expensive to buy. New or used, these cars will cost you more upfront. It’s really all about the long term – money you’ll save on gas, possibly vehicle insurance, taxes and more.
  • Be prepared for battery issues. Hybrids use a 12V battery like other cars and a costly Lithium-Ion or Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery that can degrade over time. If you have a hybrid car and notice a loss of performance, come to our experts for reconditioning before spending thousands on a complete replacement that dealers often recommend.

No matter where you live in Littleton, make Dakota Ridge Auto your hybrid vehicle repair shop of choice, and we’ll help you take excellent care of your car, even tackle any battery issues that come up. Thinking about buying a hybrid? Let us inspect it first and provide you with peace of mind.