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new Honda


Your axles are the last link in transferring power from the engine to your wheels.  They’re strong parts that last a long time – but they can run into trouble.…
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winter driving

Heater Core

You may have wondered where the warm air in your passenger compartment comes from. Well, as your engine starts to warm up, it also warms the coolant/antifreeze that circulates around…
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car ac repair

Air Blend Box

Littleton drivers push a few buttons or turn some knobs, and voila! They have air blowing on their feet or cool air chilling their face. But how does all that…
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Need new tires

Drum Brakes

Brakes that work properly are essential to your safety as you drive and stop on our Littleton streets. You want to carefully maintain your brakes. In vehicles equipped with drum…
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Best car repair in Denver

Diesel Emissions Maintenance

You’ve probably noticed a lot more vehicles being offered with diesel engines.  Diesel is a very popular choice in much of the world.  North America is just starting to close…
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Car has a fuel problem

Fuel Pump

Help your fuel pump last longer. One pump killer is contamination in the fuel tank. Sometimes this comes from the fuel itself. Buying fuel at a reputable Littleton station will…
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