You Can’t Buy a Car on Amazon But You Can Research One

You Can’t Buy a Car on Amazon But You Can Research One

Dakota Ridge AutoMaybe you can’t buy a car on Amazon, but you can research one, and that can make buying a car easier. This month, launched Amazon Vehicles, which is their new online automotive community. Basically it is an online platform that will allow you to research cars, buy auto parts and accessories, and read and write car reviews. Dakota Ridge Automotive in Littleton says researching cars on Amazon Vehicles will include car specifications, images, videos, and reviews which can help buyers be more informed. It will include information on both new and older models of cars, for cars ranging from the Tesla Motors’ 2014 Model S to the iconic Ford Mustang 1965. 

According to USA Today, Amazon Vehicles is an extension of Amazon’s current automotive store, but will be more informational with specs on cars and trucks, providing consumer education as well. ( 

Starting out, the car and truck reviews are limited, but the idea is that they will increase, offering a useful resource for potential car buyers. This provides a convenient option since so many people are already used to searching and shopping on the ( 

USA Today says the customer question and answer section of Amazon Vehicles will allow car customers and owners to discuss details about specific cars and trucks. The site does not allow car buying as many states have laws that prohibit online car sales. But providing desired car buying information supports consumers turning to Amazon first for their consumer needs. ( 

USA Today quotes Adam Goetsch, director of Automotive at, who explains Amazon’s goal is to support their customers during one of the most important, research-intensive purchases in their lives by helping them make informed decisions. 

In addition to Amazon Vehicles, Amazon is reaching into other areas of the auto arena. In August it launched a short pilot program, only scheduled for two weekends, which allowed Amazon customer in Los Angeles and Orange county to order online a test drive of a 2017 Hyundai Elantra, through the Amazon website. 

Dakota Ridge Automotive in Littleton acknowledges that you can’t buy a car on Amazon, but you can research one, and if that creates more informed consumers it will result in happier car owners.

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