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You may think that an oil change is the only basic maintenance you need to keep your car in shape, but regular tune-up services for your car or truck can also make a difference in performance and efficiency, as well as help prevent other problems.

At Dakota Ridge Auto in Littleton, a complete tune-up will generally include replacing all the basic parts that keep your car running smoothly:

  • Air Filter – While you’d typically replace one every 20,000 miles, tune-ups will catch the need to replace it sooner. A dirty filter will cause you engine to get less and less of the air it needs to run properly. Regular replacements ensure dirt and other contaminants don’t cause your air-fuel mixture to run richer and richer, leading to the failure of other parts.
  • Spark Plugs – When you start your car, spark plugs create the spark needed to ignite the fuel-air mixture and keep your car moving down the road. During your tune-up, we’ll remove, inspect, clean and if needed, replace your car or truck’s spark plugs. If your car is idling rough, misfiring or not starting up right away, be sure to come in sooner!
  • Distributor Cap and Rotor – To power the engine, the distributor cap and rotors pass voltage from the ignition coils to the cylinders, igniting the fuel-air mixture. Typically made of plastic, it’s inevitable that these parts will deteriorate and need to be replaced.

Our car tune-up services for cars and trucks will also include inspection and any necessary replacement of spark plug wires, fuel filter, PCV valve, and oxygen sensor. During spring and early summer, we’ll also check the air conditioning system so that you’re ready for warmer temperatures.

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