What Do Water Pumps Do?

Today, Dakota Ridge Auto talks water pumps for vehicles in Littleton, Colorado. The engine is cooled by coolant/antifreeze mixed with water. This mixture circulates around the engine, absorbing some of the heat. The coolant then flows through the radiator where air cools it down for the return trip back through the engine. Your vehicle’s water pump is what drives this process.

Cooling system problems are the number-one mechanical failure in Littleton. So the water pump plays a pretty important role. You can’t get very far in Colorado without a water pump.

After all that distant and years of pumping coolant, water pumps just wear out. You might notice a whining or grinding sound coming from the water pump. Or maybe see coolant leaking from the pump itself.

The precise location of water pumps varies depending on the vehicle. Some have it attached to the outside of the engine where you can see it. With these, the water pump is driven by the serpentine belt.

Some have water pumps driven by the timing belt. The timing belt cover often hides the pump with this setup, so you can’t see it without removing the cover.

When you have Dakota Ridge Auto replace the water pump on one of these, you really should replace the timing belt at the same time. We’ve already gotten things taken apart and besides, the belt’s likely been contaminated by coolant. And timing belts usually need to be replaced at similar intervals anyway, so it just makes sense to do both jobs at once.

The opposite is true, too. When you change the timing belt on this type of engine, replace the water pump while you’re at it since it will eventually fail and getting to it is an expensive project. For not that much more you can take care of both the timing belt and the water pump at the same time.

At Dakota Ridge Auto we install quality NAPA replacement parts.

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