Tune-Up Littleton

An automotive tuneup is one of the most basic maintenance procedures and one of the ones that can have the most effect on your vehicle’s performance.  Dakota Ridge in Littleton offers high quality full service tuneups for all makes and models of cars, and after your tuneup you will find your car runs smoother, wastes less fuel and has more horse power.    

Most manufacturers recommend you get a tune up every two years or thirty thousand miles, although some owners manuals will have different time lines for specific models of car.  During your tuneup at Dakota Ridge in Littleton, we will replace your spark plugs and examine the spark plug wires for signs they need replacement as well.  Then we will change your fuel filter and air filter,  check and fill fluids as needed, service your battery and add water if it needs it,  and check and maintain all of your belts and valves. 
These regularly scheduled tuneup services work to keep every important element of your car functioning at top condition, and can extend the life of your car greatly as well as improving it’s mileage and performance right away.  Bring your car or truck in to Dakota Ridge in Littleton for the best tuneup of  your life.

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