Truck Repair for Fleets

Truck Repair for FleetsYour company can keep costs down and employees safe with truck repair for fleets from our technicians at Dakota Ridge Automotive in Littleton. It’s a big task, but we’re up to it.  We have trained fleet technicians that can help you control expenses with repairs so you don’t worry about it, which allows your drivers to focus on the road and you can focus on business.

We offer fleet maintenance and repair programs to fit your company’s needs and our goal is always to help fleet owners and managers cost-effectively maintain their vehicles in top performance. You want to be able to budget accurately and get rid of unexpected expenses. It is important so your company can work at peak performance, reaching high profits and keeping the fleet on the road safely.

In order to maintain your truck fleet, our mechanics will check common truck repairs, including servicing wheel bearing issues, brake failures and fluid leaks, U-joint failure, starter failure, and engine overheating, among others.

Wheel Bearings

Wheel bearings keep the wheels moving with as little friction as possible. If your truck drivers hear noise coming from the wheel wells as they drive or the truck jerks or is unstable while driving, it could be the wheel bearings are being degraded. Our mechanics will check the truck’s wheel bearings for possible problems.

Brake Failures And Fluid Leaks

If your truck carries a large payload it can put pressure on the brakes. Brake fluid leaks are a common problem, that’s why truck brakes should be inspected regularly. If you don’t provide regular maintenance and brake repairs, the brakes can potentially fail.

U-Joint Failure

U-joints transfer power from the transmission to the differential. They must be kept lubricated in order to reduce the wear and tear on the component. If the truck driver hears a clicking noise or the truck vibrates more at higher speeds, then the U-joint may be at the point of failing. The driver knows the truck the best, so if there are signs of a possible U-joint failure it should be replaced as soon as possible.

Starter Failure

Part of the truck’s regular maintenance should be checking out the vehicle starter mechanism, particularly at the beginning of the winter season to see if it is working properly.  The truck drivers should watch for any signs of ignition troubles. All truck drivers should have radios and other non-essential components switched off when they start the truck’s engine.

Engine Overheating

If your truck drivers report an overheated engine, the issue could be caused by a fuel leak or a blown gasket. You should not ignore this issue because if it is not checked out and repaired, it can lead to complete engine failure.

Regular maintenance and addressing common signs of possible problems can help keep your transportation costs down and your employees safe by paying attention to truck repair for fleets right away. Our technicians at Dakota Ridge Automotive in Littleton can help you track the fleets repairs and complete maintenance to keep your trucks on the road.

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