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Service Intervals

I’m really confused about auto service intervals for various items on my car. Help!

Dakota Ridge Auto Answer:
The simple answer for Littleton residents is to follow the vehicle’s recommended service intervals listed in your owner’s manual or in your service center’s database. But the team at Dakota Ridge Auto in Littleton sympathizes with Littleton residents because of the confusing intervals for modern vehicles.

The days of simple rules of thumb that applied to most vehicles are long gone. For example, let’s look at an oil change: manufacturers’ recommendations run anywhere from every 3,000 miles (5,000 kilometers) to 15,000 miles (24,000 kilometers). This big range comes from engine design and recommended types of oil – so Littleton residents really do need to read and follow the recommendations for their specific vehicle.

Your owner’s service manual will have a schedule for maintenance services and inspections.

Service items include:
Tire rotation, wheel balancing, oil change, coolant service, transmission service, brake system, power steering system, fuel system, differential service, and transfer case service.

Inspections will include:
Alignment check, air conditioning, brakes, suspension, axles, exhaust, tires, light emissions, belts and hoses, and steering.

It’s for Littleton residents to remember there is no exception that would make it OK to extend an interval. These intervals already assume “best case” conditions for a safe margin of error. However, you may live or drive in Littleton conditions that are harsher than average. Your owner’s manual may have a modified schedule for “severe service” – things like extreme CO temperatures, towing, hauling heavy loads around Englewood, short trips, stop-and-go conditions, etc.

Consult your owner’s manual or talk with your Dakota Ridge Auto service advisor about your driving situation and adjust your service intervals accordingly.

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