The Preventative Maintenance You Need to Do on Your Car (and When)

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The Preventative Maintenance You Need to Do on Your Car (and When)

The Preventative Maintenance You Need to Do on Your Car (and When)Our technicians at Dakota Ridge Automotive in Littleton know that you should pay attention to the preventative maintenance you need to do on your car (and when). This is very crucial if you want your car to perform well and last a long time. By taking good care of your car now, it can help you reduce your repair costs. We can even help you plan any preventative maintenance that’s needed for your car or truck, complete with reminders.

When it comes to preventative maintenance, you should start by checking out your vehicle’s owner’s manual which will tell you how often you should change your car’s oil, filters, and timing belts and other maintenance schedules. It will also advise you about what kind of fuel to use. If you’ve lost your owner’s manual, you can usually find it online.

According to a Life Hacker article, maintaining your car will benefit you in the long run. The first thing to do is inspect your vehicle. Checking your car periodically allows you to find any concerns before they become big problems.

Your car’s cabin air filter should also be replaced periodically. It will allow you to enjoy being in the car. Consider replacing your car’s engine air filter to enhance your car’s performance, especially if you are in heavy traffic or sustained driving, the filter can get dirty quickly.

Checking your tire’s air pressure in your tires and fixing it if it is not correct, helps your car get better mileage and saves gas. Take a look your tire’s treads. Without good tire treads, your car may be harder to handle. Your tires may need to be rotated and balanced and your alignment checked which will allow your tires to wear evenly, last longer, and give you a smooth ride.

From time to time, check your lights to make sure they are working. Make sure you regularly check your antifreeze, power steering, coolant, or wiper fluid and fill it if is running low or you might need to get it changed. If you notice a fluid leak, bring your vehicle in to us right away.

We can also schedule when you should replace the timing and serpentine belts. We will inspect your belts and if they show signs of wear, we can replace them for you. Replacing a belt is not very expensive and if you risk it, a bad belt can cause your car to break down and create additional damage.

Have you ever been in a rain storm and you turn on your wipers and you still can’t see? It can be very dangerous. Replace your windshield wipers if you have wiper streaks. It can save you in a very hazardous situation.

Checking your car’s oil level and the color of the oil is important. Your car manufacturer will recommend when the oil should be changed. Your battery should be checked and the battery contacts cleaned if there is mineral or other buildup. If your battery is leaking, let us know right away. We always recommend that you keep a set of jumper cables in your car.

The article in Life Hacker suggests checking your spark plugs if they become covered in buildup or just wear out. This can reduce your engine’s efficiency, increases fuel costs, and can lead to your car’s breakdown. We can help you replace your spark plugs.

These are some ways our technicians at Dakota Ridge Automotive in Littleton can help you decide the preventative maintenance you need to do on your car (and when) because if you don’t, it can lead to costly repairs that could’ve been avoided. We’re here to take great care of your car, so call or come by our location for better vehicle health and longevity.

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