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Power Steering Flush Littleton

Periodically, your vehicle needs it’s power steering fluids flushed so that any debris or contaminants can be removed from the system, and to make sure only fresh fluid remains when it is filled back up.  At Dakota Ridge Auto,  our experienced technicians can flush your power steering system quickly and efficiently, leaving you with fresh clean power steering fluid to ensure your car steers smoothly.  As preventative maintenance, occasionally flushing the power steering system can increase the longevity of your car by reducing wear to the components of said system.    There is no standard manufacturers recommendation for how often you need a power steering flush the way there is for engine oil and other fluids, so the best idea is to have a professional take a look at the condition of your fluid to make a determination as to whether it is time for your flush or if you can go a bit longer.

There are some people that argue that you don’t need to flush power steering systems, but many mechanics and car owners have noticed performance differences in their steering, so it is well worth the little extra time and expense to keep your steering system well maintained.

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