New Brakes Littleton

Need new brakes in Littleton? Come to Dakota Ridge Complete Automotive! We know brakes and can help you fix your brakes or replace them with new brakes if necessary. Safety is our number one goal so you know you can trust us.

Maybe you will need new brakes but first we will check out your master cylinders, wheel cylinders, and calipers for issues. Brake hoses, steel line repair or replacement is always available when needed. We will check your brake pads and shoes for wear and tear. We will grease the wheel bearings and seals and make sure your rotor and drum machining is working properly. If you have brake boosters or hydro boost, we will examine and repair all that is necessary. And brake fluid testing and flushing as well as brake system bleeding are always performed when your vehicle needs it at Dakota Ridge Complete Automotive.
We will not let your vehicle leave without being given the proper attention from our mechanics at Dakota Ridge Complete Automotive and if that means new brakes then that is what you will get. 

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