Deep Breathing in Littleton: Engine Air Filter

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Deep Breathing in Littleton: Engine Air Filter

air filterYour vehicle engine relies on clean air to operate efficiently. However, it takes about 12,000 liters of air to burn one liter of gas in your vehicle’s engine.

And all of us Littleton drivers know that clean air is much better than dirty.

When your engine air filter is dirty, it simply can’t trap any more dirt, so the dirt just passes through into your air intake system. From there it can get into the vehicle engine combustion chamber. And burning dust and pollen in your vehicle engine does you no good. It can cause friction and damage parts.

The verdict? When you come to Dakota Ridge Auto for an oil change, and we recommend changing your vehicle’s engine air filter, it’s best to just get it done. You’ll save money, have better performance and protect your engine.

Don’t remember your last air filter change? Stop by the shop or give us a call for an appointment.

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