Green Auto Mechanic Littleton

Finding a repair shop that you trust and feel comfortable with is hard enough, but if you are looking for one that also shares your commitment to the environment, you wind up with very few choices.  Thankfully, there is one exceptionally reliable green auto mechanic in Littleton, whose dedication to quality and service is matched by our dedication to making ecologically sound choices in our business.   

Not only do we have a comprehensive recycling program in which we process all of the waste fluids that we remove from vehicles as well as any and all parts and scrap, but we also have over one hundred solar panels on the roof of our shop in order to lighten the impact our energy use has.   None of this, however, in any way takes away from our determination to provide the highest quality auto care without compromising our environmental standards.   
Dakota Ridge Auto understands that we are part of a larger community and it is up to all of us to do our part, and trying to reduce our carbon footprint and recycle as much as possible is an important part of that for us.  Call today, or visit our website for more about our green projects. 

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