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Fuel Injection Service Littleton

If your car or truck isn’t running its best, misfiring, having trouble starting and stalling out, the problem may be the fuel injection system. You want someone who is very skilled to perform your fuel injection service in Littleton, as this is a very complicated and important part of your vehicle.  This system delivers the gasoline into the combustion chamber, and as little as an eight to ten percent reduction in the flow of one of the injectors can cause misfires and imbalance in the fuel to air ratio.  At that point, the other injectors will attempt to compensate for the decreased fuel ratio by staying open longer and this then can cause too rich of a fuel mixture which can lead to major engine problems.
Before it gets to that point, you should make an appointment at Dakota Ridge Automotive to have our ASE certified technicians take care of your fuel injector issues.  Our satisfied customers know that we can be trusted to provide amazing repair value, using quality parts and giving every detail the attention that it deserves.  Schedule your visit by using our website or calling our shop as soon as you notice signs of trouble. 

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