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Eco Friendly Auto Repair Shop Littleton

We all are well aware of the environmental impact of our car usage, and trying to find ways to reduce that impact.  Dakota Ridge Auto is Littleton’s eco-friendly auto repair shop, with an assortment of methods to conserve our resources.   Our recycling program is comprehensive,  including scrap metal, engine oil, batteries, refrigerants, plastic and paper, filters,  brake fluids and everything else it is possible for us to recycle at our facility, and we even reuse the water from our car wash.   

We also have fitted our eco-friendly auto repair shop with over one hundred solar panels which provide a quarter of our power so far, and our office paper and marketing materials are  recycled as well.  We are deeply committed to preserving the environment, and continue to seek out and explore new ways to conserve and to be the most eco-friendly repair shop we can be.  
Keeping your car in top condition is one more way that we can help the environment, because a well running car is more fuel efficient and produces less toxic emissions.  In Littleton, if you are looking for an eco-friendly repair shop, Dakota Ridgeis the perfect choice for a combination of quality workmanship and ecological responsibility.

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