Eco-Friendly Auto Repair in Littleton Colorado

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Eco-Friendly Auto Repair in Littleton Colorado

People are making more and more efforts to keep the environmental impact of their car use lower by reducing emissions and making sure that they don’t waste fuel. Another thing that many people may not realize can make a difference is their choice of repair shop.  By choosing a shop  that offers eco-friendly auto repair in Littleton Colorado, you can further reduce the ecological consequences of driving.  

We provide full service, top quality auto repair in a state of the art facility that includes a comprehensive recycling program that keeps all fluids, metals and plastics removed from vehicles that we service from going into the waste stream, as well as over 100 solar panels on our roof to handle as much of our power use as possible, currently about 20 percent. Dakota Ridge Auto is dedicated to serving our community through quality repair, exceptional customer service, and by protecting the environment that we share. 
For all of your repair and maintenance needs, you will find that our staff is highly qualified and able to deftly handle everything that you car needs, while being as kind to the environment as possible.  Call today or visit our website to make an appointment with us. 

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