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Dakota Ridge Auto Tech Question on a Car Battery

Tech Question on a Car Battery Dakota Ridge Auto LittletonDakota Ridge Auto Tech Question on a Car Battery:

I’m David in Littleton, Colorado. For the last year and a half, I’ve had some car battery problems. I had trouble starting my car so I bought a new battery at a parts store in Littleton. At first everything was fine, then about six months later I had problems starting my car again, so I got a new battery. Again, everything was fine for another five or six months then I had trouble starting my car again. I went to get another car battery and the parts guy said why do you need another battery, weren’t you in a few months ago? So, he tested my battery and it was OK. Apparently, I’ve been replacing good batteries. What’s wrong with my vehicle?

Dakota Ridge Auto Answer:

Look, we can’t fault David for not knowing what’s wrong with his vehicle – he just didn’t have enough information. And frankly, nobody can diagnose this issue based on this information.

Let’s talk about where our friend went wrong and what he could have done. First, he was right to suspect his car battery. But if he had asked to have his vehicle battery tested when he first went to the auto parts store, he would have found out that his battery was still good, and he needed to take his car into Dakota Ridge Auto for further diagnosis.

There could be any number of reasons his car wouldn’t start, such as the alternator, starter or some other issue with the electrical components of his car. Unfortunately, he had a year and a half of unnecessary expense and inconvenience and still doesn’t know what’s wrong.

When you find yourself in a situation like David, do yourself a favor and come to Dakota Ridge Auto in Littleton. Your friendly and knowledgeable service advisor can perform an electrical system check, find and fix the problem, and get you on the right track. Give us a call!

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