What Does a Check Engine Light Mean?

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What Does a Check Engine Light Mean?

What Does a Check Engine Light Mean?It’s telling you something, but what does a check engine light mean? At Dakota Ridge Auto, we know that the engine symbol on your dashboard will light up and either blink or remain constant, depending on the problem. Either way, it’s telling you it’s time to bring your car to our experts here in Littleton because a check engine light means your car may have a problem that could affect your car’s emissions systems.

Steady Light

According to a Motorist article, if the check engine light stays on, the vehicle’s problem is not an emergency but you should still bring your car in as soon as you can so our professionals can look it over.

You might want to try to tighten your gas cap first. Sometimes, this can fix the problem that is activating your engine light. You may need to try to get a new gas cap because the seal may be old and in need of replacement.

If your check engine light comes on, you should check the other dashboard gauges and lights because you could have low oil pressure or the car may be overheating. If this is the case, you need to stop driving as soon you can pull it over to some place safe and turn your engine off.

Sometimes when the engine light goes on, you might not even notice a change in your car’s driving because the car’s computer is trying to compensate for the problem despite the fact that your car is emitting a high level of hydrocarbons and your mileage is reduced.

Blinking Light

If you check engine light blinks or you feel a loss of power while you are driving, you should slow down and if you are pulling a trailer, lighten the load on the engine by unhooking it. Reacting quickly when the check engine light comes on can help you prevent expensive repairs.

But if the check engine light is blinking, that means there may be a severe engine misfire and that could mean unburned fuel is being dumped into your exhaust system. If that occurs, it can increase the temperature of the catalytic converter and cause damage and that can mean an expensive repair that you weren’t expecting. We strongly suggest reducing the power and bring your car in immediately so we can check it and find the problem.

The article in Motorist explains how your car’s computer gives codes to identify what is wrong with the engine. One of our qualified professional technicians at Dakota Ridge Automotive can help locate which system or circuit to test in order to find the problem with your car by performing the test steps in the correct order provides exact measurements, like temperature, voltage, resistance, or time specifications. This will point us to the problem so we can fix it.

People sometimes mix up the maintenance service light for the check engine light. But they have different purposes. The maintenance service light illuminates when routine service is needed. It requires your attention but not immediately. On the other hand, what does a check engine light mean? It means your car has a problem that needs to be addressed. If you respond quickly and bring it to Dakota Ridge Automotive in Littleton, it could save you costly repairs.

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