Car Alignment Littleton CO

It can be tricky to find a shop that is truly qualified to handle your car alignment in Littleton CO. It takes highly specialized equipment to properly ensure that your suspension, rods, shocks, struts and joints are all in perfect alignment, and many shops may not be up to the task.  

Dakota Ridge has the latest technology to handle your alignment, using the Hunter DSP600 WM Sensor with 4 cameras, 4 targets and self centering adapters to make absolutely sure that your suspension is aligned impeccably.  Of course, that is just what you would expect from an auto repair shop with the reputation of Dakota Ridge. We are known for using the most state of the art equipment to ensure the highest standard in all of our repair, and for giving all of our customers the best service available at the most reasonable prices in the area.   
When you start feeling those shakes and shudders that mean your vehicle’s alignment isn’t right, you can trust our ASE certified technicians to quickly and accurately take care of the problem and get you back on the road securely.  You can easily arrange your appointment on our website, or call our shop today.

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