Best Oil Change Littleton

A lot of people assume that any oil change is as good as any other, but actually, there is a lot of variation in quality of service between different shops’ oil changes.  At Dakota Ridge Auto in Littleton,we offer the best oil change in the area, with the most courteous and complete service you will find.  The oil change itself is indeed a fairly simple operation that only varies so much from shop to shop, but the things that do vary are important.  Such as using the best oil available, as well as the highest quality filters.  We also do your other fluid checks while performing your oil change, and we have the newest flushing technologies for clearing out those fluid line when it needs changing.  

We have an extensive recycling program that includes all of the fluids removed from your vehicle during your oil change,  so you can rest easy knowing you are not contributing to automotive chemicals in landfills while getting the best oil change in Littleton.   We offer even more extensive maintenance service than only your regularly scheduled oil change, like your larger 60, 80 or 100k services, and we will keep track of when your next servicing is due.

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