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Alternator Repair Littleton Colorado

Come to the experts for alternator repair in Littleton, Colorado and we will provide a thorough check of your alternator to ensure efficient and proper functioning. The alternator on any vehicle is bound to go out with time, but with prevention and a qualified mechanic on the job, you will get the best results. We will be able to salvage as much as possible, replacing only the parts that are needed instead of taking the entire part out.

At Dakota Ridge Complete Automotive, we know how to repair your alternator, no matter the year, make, or model. We will check the housing for corrosion or warping, ensure the surface alignment, rotor insulation testing, be sure that the slip ring matches up properly, voltage regulator testing, rectifier testing, strip the hardware if necessary and re-plate, stator insulation testing, bearing testing and lubricate it for long lasting results. With our thorough service and great attention to detail, you will know that your vehicle is in great hands at Dakota Ridge in Littleton.  
Call us or come by today to get the alternator repairs your vehicle needs to start and run well again!

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