Auto Mechanic Littleton

Everyone is looking for the most trustworthy auto mechanic in Littleton that offers the best prices without skimping on quality, and sometimes it may feel like you will never find that.   But, you have found this blog, which means you have found us.  

We offer full automotive service, maintenance and repair from a locally owned business that cares for the community, at prices that are competitive, if not actually lower than many of the national chains.  Dakota  Ridge believes that by giving every customer the best service that we can we are doing a service to the community at large, and by helping keep people’s cars running efficiently we can help the environment as well.  Our ecological commitment doesn’t stop there though, because we run a full recycling program for all parts and fluids removed at our facility, and we use solar for as much or our electrical usage as we can.  
All in all we try to do well by our customers, the community we live in and the world we share.  For more information, you can visit our website or call us to ask questions or make an appointment.

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