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Tire Shop Littleton

Dakota Ridge Auto, Littleton, Colorado, 80127

If your car or SUV tires are looking a little bald, Dakota Ridge Auto in Littleton has the tires you need in stock, at competitive prices and available for installation today.

Get the Best, Continental Tires

At Dakota Ridge Auto, we’re all about delivering quality. That’s why we sell and install new Continental tires. This award-winning tire brand is known worldwide for both innovation and excellence.

We carry various tire types, including all-season, performance and winter tires to keep you safe on the road no matter the season. Our ASE-certified mechanics can also provide tire rotations, computerized alignments, and flat tire repair.  Call now to schedule an appointment or get a free tire estimate by contacting our tire shop here.

What makes the Continental brand of tires so awesome:

  • Reliable braking in all types of weather and road conditions
  • Legendary German engineering and race track proven tires
  • Tire safety testing equivalent to 500 laps around the world
  • Meets the high quality standards set by car manufacturers
  • Regular, independent testing by international publications

Does My Car Need New Tires?

It’s easy to skip checking out your tires when you’re rushing to work or making a beeline for home after a long day. Some people don’t even realize their tires are bald until they go skidding across a slick road or have a scary blowout on I-25.

To prevent problems, take a quick sec to look things over and see if you need to come by our tire store and get things taken care of right away.

Here are 10 unmistakable ways to tell you need new tires:
  1. The tires are completely bald
  2. Bulges or air bubbles
  3. Seeing tire cords or the wear bar
  4. Vibrations at high speeds
  5. Frequent low tire pressure
  6. Hole in the shoulder or sidewall
  7. Patchy or uneven wear
  8. Cracked or weathered rubber
  9. You’re still driving on that spare
  10. Anything feels weird or new

Don’t Forget the Penny Test

Here’s the super low-tech way to check tire wear. Find a penny and with Lincoln’s head pointed down, stick the coin between your tire treads. If his head is fully visible, you have less than 2/32 inch of tread depth and need to get your vehicle to a tire store.

Looking for a Tire Shop in Littleton 80127 area?

Come see us at Dakota Ridge Auto in Littleton, Colorado. We offer complete auto service, including new tires from one of the best tire makers on the planet – Continental. Let us give your car VIP treatment. Come by the shop near C470 and Bowles or call now for a new tire appointment today!