Custom Exhaust in Littleton: MagnaFlow & Flowmaster Mufflers

Dakota Ridge Auto, Littleton, Colorado, 80127

Exhaust system work is one of our specialties at Dakota Ridge Auto. We provide all the basic services to repair your exhaust system, as well as offer custom work for your 4X4 or high-performance vehicle:

  • Catalytic Converters – Stock to High Performance
  • Stock Exhaust System Repairs/Replacement
  • Mufflers and Resonator Stock Replacement
  • Flowmaster-MagnaFlow High Performance Mufflers
  • Stock Manifolds and Headers
  • High Performance Header Install
  • Exhaust Pipes and Tail Pipes
  • Exhaust Gasket and Flange Repair
  • Emissions System Failure Diagnosis and Repair

Looking for a Custom Exhaust? Visit Us in Littleton.

At Dakota Ridge Auto, we build custom exhaust systems from stock to high performance. We use a Huth HB-10 exhaust bender for our custom pipe work and can go as large as a dual, 3-inch exhaust (capable of supporting 600+ horsepower) to 1 ½ inch stock Hyundai and Geo exhaust.

We custom build crossover pipes or install Mandrel X-Pipes. We install both direct fit and aftermarket catalytic converters that are OBDII compliant and can typically save you a significant amount of money using aftermarket OBDII cats with the same 5-year warranty. For our high performance applications, we stock Flowmaster and MagnaFlow performance mufflers.

Our Littleton inventory includes a large selection of stainless steel exhaust tips, as well as stainless steel performance mufflers for your import performance vehicles.

Our Custom Exhaust Experience Goes Beyond Autos.

The Dakota Ridge Auto team in Littleton has custom-built exhaust systems for just about everything under the sun: airplanes, generators, motorcycles, small engine, tug boats, large equipment, diesels, vintage and exotic vehicles, and sports cars – including bolt-on, Mandrel-Bent pre-tuned systems.

Installing one of our custom performance exhaust systems will increase your gas mileage, as well your performance. We also offer 4- and 5-inch diesel systems, as well as Mandrel-Bent systems with stainless steel as an option. Our diesel kits have stainless steel tip options, muffler options, and usually there are 3-4 options for any given make and model. Most of our kits are turbo back, which replaces the entire exhaust system from the engine to the tailpipe. Let us help lower your EGT readings while increasing gas mileage, horsepower and torque!

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From simple exhaust system maintenance and repair to a fully custom exhaust system build, bring your vehicle to Dakota Ridge Auto in Littleton and meet our knowledgeable car enthusiasts!